We know how important coffee is and that’s why we created Cloud Nine Coffee. Cloud Nine is a lifestyle choice — a euphoric state of mind the consumer chooses to occupy every single day — that starts with our coffee. Using only ethically sourced beans, we serve the highest quality nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee and specialty coffee beans from around the world. We strive to deliver a smooth combination of convenience and taste to our customers — from the movers and shakers of today to the outliers and disruptors of tomorrow — every day. All-organic, antioxidant-rich, sugar-free, and zero calorie, Cloud Nine Nitro Cold Brew is the one-way ticket to richer, smoother, and more luxurious coffee.

zerohighly caffinatedsugar freesustainably sourcedlow acidity


Our roots are originally founded in the alcohol business. Perry, our master roaster, had been tinkering with a cold brew alcohol and after Constantine, our CEO, tried it (and everyone else asked for more), we knew it had to get on the shelves. However, during our trial rounds for an alcoholic cold brew, our traditional non-alcoholic cold brew was so well-received that we felt it deserved to stand on its own. We found that brewing the highest quality Nitrogen-Infused cold brew coffee was not only an entirely new experience for the consumer but also popular among those in retail and office spaces.

Nitrogen enhances inherent coffee flavors and adds a smooth finish to the cold brew coffee product, similar to that of a stout beer. Because Nitrogen molecules are smaller in size than those of Carbon Dioxide, infusing Nitrogen makes it harder for the coffee in the water to dissolve, resulting in a full-bodied mouthfeel. Infusing coffee with Nitrogen also gives it a creamy finish without any milk, and dilutes the acidity tied to a traditional cold brew, making it easier on the stomach.