Supplying the highest quality Nitrogen-Infused Cold Brew Coffee is our number one priority. Cloud Nine is not just another vendor; we are your neighbor, friend, and partner. At Cloud Nine, we are here for everything, and we recognize that our name is only as good our word. Whether your space needs coffee that day, your equipment requires fine tuning, or you need marketing direction, it is our pleasure to make it easy for you to enjoy your life on Cloud Nine.


At Cloud Nine, we know that it isn’t the first cup of coffee, but the fifth, sixth, and seventh cup of coffee that is the reason our customer returns. We take pride in that every batch is brewed the exact same way, delivering the highest levels of consistency and craftsmanship. Each and every batch is made with the same precision and love for the product, ensuring consistently delicious coffee.


At Cloud Nine, we believe that coffee brings people together. From the growers all over the globe to the roasters in the factories; from the baristas serving coffee, to the customer enjoying the finished product: an inclusive and relatable attitude is what sets great coffee brands apart.


We created Cloud Nine to invest in our community by fostering positive connections between all people. We maintain our warm and welcoming environment as our core and will always strive to empower these bonds. We created this product for you. Stay on Cloud Nine and Enjoy Your Life.